Branded Cross Cowboy Church

  "Where It's All About HIM!"

“Come as you are” is the dress code lived out here at Branded Cross Cowboy Church.  Dress code is a non-issue because the real issue is accepting people, right where they are.  The simple Bible-based sermons, casual atmosphere and accepting heart of cowboy churches has helped create an openness in worship, Bible study, and discipleship, that allows the Holy Spirit to move freely in bringing people to a life-changing path where they can meet God through Jesus Christ.  Branded Cross Cowboy Church is not just for those who make their living sittin’ horseback.  It’s a non-traditional church for down to earth people who want to get to know God personally.  So, if your looking for a place with  a family-friendly home feel, and enjoy being able to “come just a you are” then come on down to Branded Cross Cowboy        Church– and bring someone with ya!